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MS Excel – One of the most useful skills for 2019

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet package in the world. It is ranked the second most used applications in the MS Office suite. This means that not only individuals but organisations and businesses employ Microsoft Excel in daily transactions.


Better employment options

As more start-ups and established companies delve into new niches of research and development and ultimately new products and services, they look to hire more people with knowledge of Excel. If you can quickly create pivot tables, execute vlookups and use formulas with ease, then it will become easier for you to land a job in many companies.

Manage projects better

When managing projects, the project manager receives data from multiple sources. Excel can then be used to standardise this information and come up with a single “source of truth” report that documents the progress of the project with formulas built in to indicate where potential issues can occur. An example of this is hitting a particular number of action items by a specific date. A formula on the spreadsheet could colour a cell red if the action items are not complete by the specified date.

Understanding Big Data

Leaders of major companies and governments take decisions every day that affect individual lives based on Big Data. These are extremely large datasets which need to be interpreted and cross-referenced to make meaningful reporting to initiate and support decisions. Excel formulas, especially in the latest updates can help make sense of very large datasets. Many consider Excel to be like Lego for Data in the approach to building efficiency.

Getting the skills

Microsoft offers many resources which can help the busy professional, as well as the dedicated student, get various levels of mastery of Excel. The Microsoft Office website has a series of short training videos under the training section covering anywhere from simple topics like cells and columns to complex subjects like “Get more out of Pivot Tables”. They also have forums where you can ask questions and share your experience.

Additionally, there are many third-party free training resources out there. Many public libraries have entire courses from the basic to the expert level for free. It is also easy to find videos on various Excel topics on YouTube. The paid resources come with extras like free data that you can play around with. You can even take it to the next level and hire an Excel Expert with the possibility to obtain an optional certificate with Microsoft Excel training at a fee upon completion.

Finer Options for Social News in The Social Network

According to statistics, Facebook users spend an average of about 15 hours a month on their favorite social network. Scientists have long warned that the abuse of social networks can harm: lead to Internet addiction and to discord in the family. However, we all know that everything is good in moderation. People who moderately use social networks may find that social networks have certain and possibly unexpected advantages.

Want to find out how social networks can benefit you? About this below.

Normalize heart rhythm

Communicating on social networks, a person relaxes, respectively, his heartbeat slows down and the level of stress decreases. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Technology and the University of Milan.

Scientists conducted a study with the participation of 30 students and found that communication in social networks gave them pleasure, as a result of which their stress level decreased and their heartbeat slowed down. During the study, students were observed in three situations: when solving mathematical problems, when viewing panoramic landscapes, and while chatting on Facebook. It turned out that landscapes relax most of all, but problem solving increases stress levels. At the same time, social networking is also relaxing and brings a lot of pleasure. From Social News and Networking now you will be having the perfect options available for the same.

Help you get a job or find the right employee

Employers are already using social networks to select potential employees, so do not miss your chance to be appreciated or to find the ideal employee using social networks.

The results of a study by scientists from Northern Illinois University (Northern Illinois University) showed that the page of a potential employee in a social network is able to tell the employer a lot about the future employee.

Scientists conducted an experiment:They asked for volunteers to evaluate potential employees on their Facebook page. In this case, the “appraisers” should have paid attention to the photos, posts on the wall, hobbies and the number of friends. According to these criteria, they had to create a psychological portrait of the candidate.

Six months later, scientists compared the assessment of volunteer “appraisers” with the assessment that each of the owners of the page on the social network gave their employers. These estimates were very similar. Viewing a candidate’s social network page really helps an employer to properly assess a prospective employee.

Increase self-esteem

Social networking can increase a person’s self-esteem, scientists say.

A study conducted by scientists from Cornell University (Cornell University) was the first study to prove the beneficial psychological impact of social networks. Scientists have concluded that when you view your “wall” on a social network, a person can significantly increase self-esteem.

Researcher Jeffrey Hancock suggests that this effect is due to the fact that a person can put his best photo in the most prominent place. In addition, positive feedback from friends and family members can improve mood and improve self-esteem.

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